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  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      Jim and I go way back. I met him in 1978 when he was an assistant on my “Coast to Coast” project. To sum him up the words that come to mind are focused, passionate, capable and very qualified. 

    - John Anthony Franklin
    Songwriter/Recording Artist
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      SpectraSound is the most comfortable and professional studio I’ve worked at in 28 years . Jim is an excellent engineer and is very accommodating to the artist's vision and finds a way to maximize their performance. 

    - Christopher Dean
    (The Chris Dean Band)
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      Whether in session, mixing or mastering, Jim McGee brings a musician’s sensibility to the craft of sound engineering, or in Jim’s case, I should say the ART of sound engineering. 

    - Tony Gairo
    Professional saxophonist, woodwind doubler, jazz composer, arranger and educator
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      Jim is highly skilled in all aspects of audio engineering as well as being a fine musician, which really helps to keep the project moving forward. I have also experienced his handling the challenges of on-location recording with ease. 

    - Craig Kastelnik
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      SpectraSound is the perfect place to record your next music project.  A professional recording environment and equipment along with expert mixing and mastering services, owner/operator Jim McGee will help you though the entire process. 

    - Jimmy Meyer
    Guitarist, composer
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      Jim brings constant positive energy. He is totally engaged in and invested in the experience with the artists who are laying down their music. He understands the aesthetics of the music and contributes to it with his observations and interest. 

    - Skip Wilkins
    International Jazz Artist
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      Jim and SpectraSound continue to deliver the highest quality work while creating a very relaxed, musical session. His passion for beautiful sound is evident... from the careful, initial mic selection, right down to the final mastering... Jim will put a smile on your ears! 

    - Eric Doney
    Jazz Artist/Producer
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      SpectraSound is a wonderful place to record. The piano is first rate and Jim knows his stuff... a cozy country setting. 

    - Dave Liebman
    NEA Jazz Master
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      I have used SpectraSound exclusively for all my projects over the past few years and that's not going to change any time soon. 

    - Doug Hawk
    Recording Artist
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      Aside from high-end equipment and expertise, SpectraSound has a comfortable setting for cultivating creativity. 

    - Mark Jones
    (The Wonton Soups)
  • What Our Clients Say about SpectraSound...

      SpectraSound is my go-to place to record all of my projects. The rooms sound great and every moment is captured with expert attention to detail through impeccable analog and digital equipment. 

    - Mike Lorenz
    Guitarist, composer, producer

Our Gear


414 Microphones(3) Neuman U-87 (originals)
(1) Neumann U-87ai
(1) AKG “The Tube” (C-12 clone)
(2) AKG414EB “Silvers” w/CK-12 brass capsules
(5) AKG414BULS
(4) Cascade Fathead II Ribbon Mic.s
(2) DPA 3521 Cardioid Condensers (matched pair)
(2) Modified Apex 460s (AKG 414 capsules, Lundhal transformers)
(2) Audio Technica 4031 (SDC)
(1) Audio Technica 4049 Omni
(2) Audio Technica 4051 Cardioid SDC mics
(1) Shure SM-7 microphone
(9) Shure SM-57
(1) Shure SM-58
(1) Sony ECM-55F (Side-addressed SDC)
(1) Sony ECM 22P (SDC)
(1) Sony ECM 33P (SDC)
(4) Crown PZM boundary Mics.
(1) AKG D224e dynamic
(4) Audio Technica ATM25s
(3) Sennheiser D12 large diaphragm dynamic mics.
(2) Sennhieser 421
(1) Sennheiser 441
(2) AKG 451E SDC (cardioid)
(1) 1945 RCA 74B Ribbon mic, modified by Clarence Kane

Control Surface:

Digidesign D-Control 32 moving fader control surface with X-Mon monitor controller.


Pro Tools Ultimate HDX (latest version)


(2) Avid HD Interfaces, each 16 in/16 out analog

Cue System:

Aviom 16-channel w/8 listening stations
(9) Audio Technica ATH-50 headphones
(12) AKG 240 headphones, others, (5) 4-ch
headphone amps for large ensembles.


(4) Neve (custom built) 1272 w/original transformers
(4) Focusrite ISA (428 type) preamp
(16) Midas X-48 (Class-A, transformers)
(1) Rupert Neve Designs “Portico” 512 (2 ch.)
(1) dbx Model 386 Stereo tube preamp

Outboard Gear:

Manley Vari-Mu compressor/limiter
(2) Pultec EQ-1A3 Tube Equalizer (clones)
(2) 1176 Compressors (clones)
(2) dbx160X Compressors
SRS (Sound Retrieval System)


Barefoot MM27 Micro Mains
Dolby Atmos JBL/Klipsch 7.1.4 immersive audio system
Subwoofer, Auratone cubes (originals)
Avid X-Mon controller (stereo)
JBL Intonato 24 monitor controller (Atmos)


Mac "Trashcan" Pro, 12-core with 64 Gigs RAM and Sonnet expander chassis


Vintage and new plug-ins by Universal Audio, Waves, Slate and many others.  Basically, if it's not here...we'll get it!