THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing such an amazing job recording, mixing and mastering my Jerome Kern Concert! I have been getting an abundance of compliments regarding the sound quality of the resulting CD. People simply can't believe that it was recorded live and not in the controlled setting of a recording studio.
- Pete Smyser
Jazz Artist

Remote Recording

Recording jazz legend Phil Woods at the Deerhead InnMusic is communication at a very high aesthetic level.  It is a performing art and can sometimes deliver more emotional impact live in concert.  Just ask any performing artist.

But tracking live performances is a very specialized skill.  Fast setup, low profile gear and excellent troubleshooting abilities put us way ahead in this field.  Getting it right the first (and only) time is what separates the men from the boys.

And remote recording is more than just live concerts.  We’ve done remote recordings for CD projects in everything from a Bucks County farmhouse to a formal concert hall.  The best place to make and capture music is where the artist feels most comfortable.  Our goal as engineers is to be as technically transparent as possible.  It’s all about the music…not the gear or the room.  We are musicians as well as engineers.  We speak the language of music and our goal is to capture your greatest musical moments the first time... the right way.


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(Photos of remote recordings- Pat Flaherty )