Jim is one of the truly gifted recording engineers in the business. He's also an excellent musician and hears with a musician's ears rendering him invaluable in the production process.
- Tony Gairo


Cadac J large frame analog console


We have commissioned a highly modified Cadac J large frame analog console. It sounds huge. (It is huge!) We are returning 32 analog outputs from the HDX system into this luscious-sounding analog behemoth for a nice big fat analog mix. The preamps and British EQ are sweet and extremely quiet too. Transformerless means faster transient response, or clarity, to balance the analog warmth. In my opinion... a perfect combination.

But talk is cheap! Give us a call…come out and hear what the room can deliver. SpectraSound is the perfect room to finish your project, whether you've tracked it at home or at another studio. Mixing from ProTools HDX through a large format analog console to 1/2" analog tape, over Barefoot MM-27 monitors is a big lift to any project! Day and night difference from an "in the box" mix.

Also, freelance recording engineers/producers can now book SpectraSound at a reduced rate.

Spectra Sound Control Room

Note: We also believe in respecting the dynamic range of an artist’s creation. The music industry has been unnecessarily “hyper-compressing” music for years in an effort to make the music as loud as possible with little regard for quality or artistry. Excessive compression sucks the life out of music. Too much compression takes away impact since everything is loud…always. Even if you turn down the volume control, you’re left with music that’s very stressful to listen to. There is no space between the notes. It becomes psychologically stressful.

We can give you a great, punchy sound that will definitely rock any playback system. It may not be quite as loud as a pop/rock hyper-compressed CD, but it will sound better, and we all know where the volume control is anyway.

For an explanation of the “Loudness War” check out Matt Mayfield’s excellent movie:
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