Jim has always delivered a clean punchy mix, always within a demanding deadline, for many of our video productions. SpectraSound is an audio post house that I can recommend with confidence.
- Tony Marks
Executive Producer, Verizon

Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production

We have been mixing audio post for the last 12 years. In addition to all the standard services in this field, we are offering something new for corporate video producers. In today’s corporate world, most video editing takes place in-house by staff editors, but due to deadlines and budgets, the audio on many of these projects will never reach a professional audio post house.

The last thing a video editor wants to deal with is bad audio, such as the noise from an air conditioning system that someone did not turn off during the shoot, a hum, hiss, or bad signal-to-noise ratio, etc. There are circumstances that only an experienced audio post engineer can handle properly and a reputable audio post production house with an experienced engineer is about $125/hr. minimum. The audio post for a video project can easily cost several thousand dollars. And, while audio provides 50% of the impact of a great video, there seems to be a very low percentage of the total budget allocated for audio. Sometimes less than 5%!

Audio Post Production


We can solve almost any audio problem you may run into. We are currently offering a special service that we call the “audio tune-up” for any video done on a Final Cut or AVID system.



We will smooth out levels, EQ voices, optimize noise levels, add compression as needed, and do the correct fade-ins, fade-outs and cross-fades byte-to-byte.  In addition, we’ll bring everything up to a punchy and clean broadcast level.  We can also provide, at no additional cost, a stems mix isolating elements so you can easily make 11th. hour edit changes without coming back to us.  It’s basically a multi-channel “0 db Mix”.

Audio Post ProductionAll you have to do is supply an embedded .OMF file from your workstation and a medium resolution Quicktime movie after your client’s final approval of the production.  We will not alter or add any content, unless requested, since your creative work will be finished at this point.  This service is simply taking your audio to the next level, which will bring your entire production together in a very professional manner.  We can work via .ftp to speed up delivery.



Watch a Sample

Here is just one example of a video project that Spectra Sound mixed the audio for in post-production.

"An American Pioneer:
Still Soaring at 84"
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