Jim McGee is fast, knows the latest technology, listens to what you want from the recording, and knows how acoustic instruments should sound. The last trait alone is worth the price of admission.
- Rob Stoneback
The Rob Stoneback Big Band


Studio Console: Cadac-J large format 58-frame analog console, highly modified
Remote Console Midas Venice 320 analog, highly modified
Multitrack: Pro Tools HDX 32 in / 32 out, Alesis HD24
Mix & Mastering: Custom built Ampex/Sony 1/2" 2-track, highly modified features modified Ampex 440C discreet electronics
Interfaces: (2) Avid/Digidesign 192s (32 inputs)
Computer: Mac Pro 8-Core 
Drives: LaCie Firewire Quadras  (12)
Preamps: (4) Neve (custom built) 1272 w/original transformers
(4) Focusrite ISA (428 type) preamps
(1) 8-channel Presonus Digimax (Class-A)
(16) Midas (Class-A)
(2) Western Electric Tube preamps (VCFs)
Monitors: Barefoot MM27 midfield
JBL LSR 4328P (remotes)
Midi: Tascam Gigastudio/loaded
Various midi synth modules
Virtual synths include: Omnisphere, Indigo, Hybrid, Velvet, and Strike.
Avid "Structure" sampler workstation with Goliath and (East West) Symphonic Orchestra Libraries.
Sync: Digidesign "Sync" module.  Machine control software.
Instruments: Yamaha C7 7'4" concert grand piano, Kurzweill PC88 synth/controller, Sonor drum set (5 piece), Modulus 6-string quantum bass, Takamine acoustic bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender fretless jazz bass.  LP congas,, bongos and misc. percussion.
Plug-ins: Waves Gold Bundle, Waves Master Bunble, Focusrite D2/D3, Fairchild 660/670, Pultec Bundle, Amp Farm, Eleven, Smack,Reel Tape Suite, Impact, Classic Compressors Bundle, Moogerfooger Bundle, Sans Amp, Avid Reverb One and Revibe, Joe Meek Compressors & EQ, Melodyne Suite, Waves L2, True Verb, Izotope RX2, Sonic No-Noise
Mics: (2) Neumann U-87 ai
(4) AKG 414EB (with CK-12 capsules)
(2) Modified Apex 460s (AKG 414 capsules, Lundahl transformers)
(2) AKG 414EB (with CK-12 capsules, rebuilt by Tracy Korby)
(2) DPA 3521 Cardioid Condensers (matched pair)
(2) AKG 414BULS
(2) Cascade Fathead II ribbons
(1) RCA 74B ribbon (restored by Enak Microphones)
(2) Audio Technica 4031 (SDC)
(1) Audio Technica 4049 Omni
(2) Bang and Olufsen BM-3 ribbons
(1) Bang and Olufsen BM-5 stereo ribbon
(1) Audio Technica AT873
(4) Shure SM-57
(1) Shure SM-58
(1) Sony ECM-56F large diaphragm condenser
(1) Sony ECM-55F (Side-addressed SDC)
(4) Sony ECM 22P (SDC)
(2) Sony ECM 33P (SDC)
(4) Crown PZM
(1) AKG D224e dynamic
Cue: Aviom System w/5 16 channel stations
5-station Furman HD-6 system for remotes
Phones: (6) Sony MDR-7506
(6) Audio Technica ATH-M50
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